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Box Cover for webpage


Contact us here to pre-order Halfsies Dice.

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Cover Art for our HomepageView the Halfsies Kickstarter Page for details here.

 Our first print of 35mm scale Pewter Miniatures are now available
but only for a limited time! They’re almost sold out!

Designed to after the Heroes of The King’s Armory!
These 11 minis will inspire you to play, paint, and then play some more!

Pewter Valcor

Ultra-high detail, featuring real-to-life size proportions, all in an epic 35mm scale.  Take a look!


 Happy gaming and welcome to the Gate Keeper Games family!


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Founded by John and Anne Wrot!, Gate Keeper Games exists to actualize epic game ideas and bring people together. We strive to make each game fun, balanced, community-building, and loaded with never before seen mechanics.



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