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Gate Keeper Games exclusive dice line:

Multiple Patents Pending.


Halfsies Dice are full sets of 7 polyhedral dice with a unique half-&-half color arrangement, a pearlescent swirl, and strong contrasting colors.  Each set offers something new for your tabletop gaming and RPG experiences.
With over 25 color sets to choose from, there’s something for everyone!

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11 set display 1400px LogoNow 25+ total sets to choose from.

Our newest game creation:

A.D.A.P.T. is a uniquely themed, mash-up style, “fish building”, battle, card & dice game for ages 13+.  A.D.A.P.T. is very easy to learn, and plays in 30 minutes, but don’t underestimate the required depth of strategy needed!  This game adapts to its players, and so can be upgraded with expansion to allow more players, or easily modified to play with ages 7+.
A.D.A.P.T. comes with 70 cards, and 21 unique Halfsies Dice, with industry leading quality.

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Box Cover for webpageThe King’s Armory is the world’s first, and only, true-to-form Tower Defense Board game!
Inspired by Kingdom Rush, you can expect a changing map, a path, towers, an army of monsters, and tons of exciting ways to defeat them!  The major difference?  Now you’re playing TD co-op with your friends, and YOU are making the strategic choices on who to attack, with what Hero, and when.  After going out-of-print at retail in only 4 months, GKG remains the only place to get your hands on a copy, and all orders placed here come with a bonus signed map tile – Free!
Featuring drop-in drop-out mechanics, and variable play times, for 1-7 players.
The King’s Armory includes so much stuff it weighs over five pounds!

Click here to order The King’s Armory direct from Gate Keeper Games.

 Our first run of epic 35mm scale Pewter Miniatures are now available for a limited time!

Designed as the Heroes of The King’s Armory, at 35mm scale they remain compatible with any 28mm scale miniature set.

These minis will inspire you to play, paint, and then play some more!

Pewter Valcor
Ultra-high detail, featuring real-life body proportions, all in an epic 35mm scale.  Take a look!


 Happy gaming and welcome to the Gate Keeper Games family!


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Founded by John and Anne Wrot!, Gate Keeper Games exists to actualize epic game ideas, bring others joy, and treat people like they’re friends. We strive to make each game and dice set fun, balanced, community-building, and loaded with never-before-seen mechanisms and designs.



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