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Bronze Minis 2.0! ; )

-All images are in “Bronze Steel” except Valcor.  He is in 420 Stainless Steel.
-Both are awesome.  Both are options for your set.
-Forgive the strange bars of light.  My OttLight creates weird bands of light in photos.
-Looking forward to hearing from you.

Asphar – He turned out great and his muscle tone and chest scar are great examples of the magnificent detail this mini material puts out.  You can also see the really cool rough metal texture of the models here.  He is a glowing example of how awesome this material is for Characters this epic.

1Asphar FinalZoe – A great example of the level of minute thinness some parts have without being needing to be supported like pewter & plastic minis are.

1Zoe Final

Cyrus – Great 3d dimensionality with sword and sheath sticking out behind him and an unsupported flowing cape with intricate detail. (This is an older pre-enhanced cape, so those details will be even more clear in the finals.)

1 Cyrus Final

Rhette – Breaking the normal boundaries of how long and thin a singular limb extension can be.  You can’t tell in these pics, but both sword and gun are aimed at the same point: the torso of the person who just tossed that money purse at her feet!

1Rhette Final

Raphael – Mind-blowingly detailed, Raphael is fully robed in layers with several necklaces and a keen facial expression.  In the final alteration, his right hand has been turned back to upwards in front of him so that he is staring into his palm.  Now you may insert your own object of his disintegration-focus if you like.  Notice each finger is individually made.

1Raphael Final

Midnight – With sexy legs and detailed fire, Midnight’s flowing hair and cape harass the best of mini makers.  She makes a great NPC fem for any game.

1Midnight Final

Boleslaw – Humble and short, but full of class.  Boleslaw’s unique garb, tall staff, and book of wisdom on his base make him the ideal “old mage”.

1Boleslaw Final

Felicity – With 4 full wings, an entirely unsupported twisted-wood staff, and a fully detailed smile, she redefines what can be done in mini creation.

1Felicity Finals

Artaxerxes – That is a full-on 1-handed hand stand.  …imagine the difficulty designing this, such that his arm wouldn’t collapse as the metal cools and dries!  Add the free floating skirt tendrils, his signature 3 darts, and iconic cap and I think more D&D games are going to start featuring Jesters.

1Artaxerxes Final

Ember – Yes, Faelan the wolf comes attached, at no additional cost, to the mini.  Ember is simply epic.  …but you’ll have to string the bow yourself. ; )

1Ember Final

Valcor – Shown in 420 Stainless Steel – Valcor’s level of detail is worthy of “going last”.  The bands of his chest and leg armor, the shoulder spikes, the eagle on the shield, the space between his capes and his back, and the full-on battle pose… what’s not to love!?
(Remember, his mace broke after 5 intentional throws on the floor, and has since been upgraded to have a thicker shaft.  No breaking for you.  …not under normal use anyway. ; )

1Valcor Final

Gosh I love this mini.  It honestly makes me wanna run a D&D game most of the time I see it.  It’s definitely my favorite mini, followed closely by Asphar, Artaxerxes, & Zoe.
Anne’s favorites are Ember & Midnight.
I think Little John likes Asphar the best because he’s built like him. ; )
Which are your favorites?

Looking forward to hearing from you.




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