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Bulk Shipping Charts 3.0


Add Ons may be added separately to each game as desired.  Discounts apply if adding Add-Ons to all games in your bulk order, please contact for details.

Bulk pricing may be available in other areas.  Please contact if interested.
Serious inquiries only please.

+ Customs and GST do need appear to be payable for Australian imports valued at less than AU$1000 (please see reference page labeled Australia below).
As is, we are not physically capable of ACTUALLY “pre-paying” New Zealand’s 15% GST import taxes, we have THEREFORE increased your the New Zealand Retailer discount by an additional 15% so that when you do pay the 15% GST, it has already been “included”.  We are just able to do this and stay above water.  It is our thanks to you for your interest and pledge.  With a special thanks to SeriouslyBoard.co.nz who encouraged us to pursue all of this.
Customs and VAT not included on Shipments to “Non-EU Europe”.

Australia Customs Information
New Zealand Customs Information

Downloadable Personal Letters to YOUR local FLGS, by Region, by Country:
We ask you to please print 1 copy (only 1 page) and deliver it your local game store or retailer and ask them to please consider supporting us, as we’re cutting them great deal on the Kickstarter Super Deluxe version of the game, with all shipping and customs/vat/gst included!#

All letters are currently in English.

Letters to your local retailers by region:
United States
United Kingdom
Western EU
Central EU
Non-EU Europe
New Zealand


If you’d like to translate any letter into your native tongue, please just let us know and we’ll post it here.

Breakdown of EU Regions:
Western EU:
Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden
Central EU:
Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia
Non EU Europe:
Norway, Switzerland

Important notice waiving my liability:
All above Customs, GST, VAT, and related information are subject to change by local and international law at any time.  This is not tax or financial advice.  We accept no liability for the information contained in herein or for any such changes, at any time.  The backer is wholly responsible for these costs, regardless of continuation of, change of, and even any possible misinterpretation of any rule, law, or rate.  All other miscellaneous “I’m not responsible, so don’t come after me” like statements are to be assumed here.  … We good? Good! : )


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