Convention Support

Run a con?
Want some stuff to give away?
Well good, cause we LOVE local conventions!

We offer the following options all conventions world-wide.

Grey Bag

Dice Sets as RPG Event Sponsorships

A huge fan of RPGs, it’s what started my company.  But more than RPGs, I love the GMs that run them!  
Our RPG Event Sponsorships include a variety pack of RPG dice sets (based on the size of the event and convention, usually 2 to 8 sets).  We ask that they be raffled off strictly to the volunteer GMs during the RPG Event and that you give us a shout out at the live event as the event Sponsor.

Games for Play-to-Win events…

We enjoy the Play-to-Win events as they encourage not only the game to be played, but those that that really want it are the most likely to get it and play it again and again.

Misc prize support for your General Raffle/Giveaway.

You probably have a raffle for your guests.  It’s probably a bag full of stuff …we’de like to provide the bag, or a sprinkling of some loose dice, or expansions, or… who knows what we’ll send, as additional prize support.  You are welcome to raffle it as you please.  We ask that we be mentioned as one of the raffle/event sponsors and the provider of the giveaway bags should you receive one our Game Night Bags.

With all prize and event support we ask the following zero-cost things in return:

  • Posting of our logo on the convention website as a sponsor, with a link to our site.

  • Blast on Social Media for events supported.

  • Shout out at the events supported as a Sponsor

  • Posting of paper support (fliers, business cards, etc., provided by us) where appropriate for the convention / events.

Shipping costs to the vast number of conventions we support really ads up.  We therefore kindly request that you cover shipping for your items.  Always flat rate, only $8 to USA; $24 international.  If you simply can’t we’ll do our best to cover it for you.

Contact us here to request your CONVENTION SUPPORT PACKAGE now.

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GKG reserves the right to refuse and refund any request at any time for any reason.

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