Halfsies Dice – Close Up!

Take a 2nd look at Halfsies Dice…

At this close proximity and high detail, you can see…

  • The unique 1/2 and 1/2 split-color design that’s never been made before.
  • The pearlescent nature within each individual color.
  • The smooth color blends where the 2 halves meet.
  • The slight translucence of the dice, that allows such rich shine.
  • The crispness and variety of the colors.

The Court Jester

The Court Jester Set

Mother EarthMother Earth Set

Peach Rings

Peach Rings Set


Road Warrior

Road Warrior Set

The Heir

The Heir Set

The King’s Dice

The King's Dice Set

Water Fall Mist

Waterfall Mist Set

What’s Up, Kitty?

What's Up Kitty Set

Banana Dice

Banana Dice Set

Dandelion Dice

Dandylion Set

 Dwarf Dice

Dwarf Dice Set

Moonlight Sonata

Moonlight Sonata Set

Jungle Bloom

Jungle Bloom Set

 How do these dice compare with Chessex’s?

First, know this:  We love, like, and respect Chessex and expect to take next to 0 of their market share.  That’s not our goal.  Our goal is simply to share a great new dice design.  We own a bunch of Chessex’s dice, and even asked them to make these for us, and they declined for reasons their own.  And we respect that.  We’ve bought Chessex’s dice in the past, and we will again in the future.  We intend to work along side Chessex in every way we can.

So how do they compare then?

Quality: As high.  They are made on existing molds that are used for many of the more modern games made in the last few years.

Odds: As high.  They have been tested and roll evenly, by # and by half.

Layout/Design: Chessex’s Gemini swirls the 2 color together, ours puts them in a half & half split.

Color: Chessex has a sparkly opaque effect, ours have a sparkly pearlescent translucent effect.

How do they compare? –  They stand right next to Chessex’s Dice as equals!



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