Expansion Character Guide

Got expansions?  Got questions?

This downloadable, printable, Errata Guide will guide you through the new rules and terms associated with the addition of TKA Expansion Characters.

It is designed to fit right inside your manual as Section E2: Encyclopedia Errata.
(If you have problems viewing it in your browser, download it for full image quality.)

If you have a question not answered by the Errata Guide, chances are you’re not be the only one with that question!
Please ask it in our Forums.  It could end up addressed in the next edition of the Errata Guide!

Hero Collage


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2 thoughts on “Expansion Character Guide

  1. Torben Blankman

    Dear John,

    Could you please tell me that the game is still under way to my house?

    So far i can see in the comments of the kickstarterpage some people in de Netherlands may recived the game by now.

    Thanks in advance.

    Have a nice day,

    1. John Wrot! Post author


      Thanks for writing us. I looked into it and PM’d you. Since your order came through in a pre-order method, your game should be shipping to you next week or so with our 2nd set of EU-friendly games!



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