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The King’s Armory – Special Edition

The King’s Armory – “Collector’s Special Edition

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The King’s Armory

The World’s First Tower Defense Board Game

Special Edition! – A limited print run of the complete Kickstarter version of the game – Including all Limited Edition items and all Stretch Goals!

Defend the castle against the waves of oncoming hoards.  Will you be able to use the benefits of the King’s Armory against the foes to your advantage, or will they batter down your castle’s gate, and use it against you?


About The King’s Armory:
The King’s Armory is a Tower Defense Board game inspired directly from the popular internet and iOS gaming genre.  Game Layout
The game begins with the setup of the modular board by arranging the Terrain Tiles to create a map and route that the Monsters will follow toward your Castle Gate.
The Players each choose one of seven entirely unique Heroes, build Towers, hire upgradable defenders and place them in the Towers, call for Reinforcements (1-shot power cards), unlock powerful Equipment, defeat the Monsters, and gain Rewards in an effort to call into service the outrageously fun Armory Weapon, a creation so powerful it will decimate the Foes the for you!
The game ends when all Monsters, and their powerful Boss are defeated; or the Castle Gate falls.

Unique Features:
1-7 players.  Play 100% fully cooperative against the game itself, or challenge the depths of its strategy solo.
Scaling difficulty level based on the number of Players.
Adjustable difficulty level, with in-manual guide to help you suit the game to your group’s skill level.
Adjustable Play Time ensures there’s always time for TKA.
64-page full-color fully-illustrated game manual packed with bonus content and game play variants.
Most Unique: Players can drop in and out mid game without affecting gameplay.  Since the game is designed to always scale to the number of Heroes being played, we built in a perfectly smooth drop in/out feature.  Game night now works your way.

For more information, use the menu at the top of the page to navigate our TKA pages, download the full color manual, check out what the pros think, or visit our BoardGameGeek Game Page.

What’s different in the Special Edition?

This huge game just got bigger – with Limited Edition bonus content!

Edition Details:

Special EditionIncludes everything in the Retail Edition, PLUS…
2 new Heroes
 – Asphar the Ice-bending boss-breaking Barbarian Hero
 – Eligor the limited edition guest hero with serious Vengeance issues
– Including 4 Extra Equipment Cards, 2 extra Reinforcement Cards, and 2 unique two-tone d20s!
2 limited edition Reinforcement Cards
2 new Terrain Tiles – The “Tunnel Tiles” – to create even more awesome maps
1 bonus Armory Card – That allows your Hero to assume control of a Golem!

This set is guaranteed to enhance your gaming experience, replay value, and procure for you limited Edition Heroes, cards, and other items many of which will never be reprinted!

The Collector’s Special Edition consists of bonus items from the Kickstarter campaign that brought this game to life and thus is packed with Stretch Goal bonuses and then some! The Collector’s Special Edition includes all limited Edition Kickstarter Exclusive items.

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