Retail Support

Own your own store?

Want us to help you sell stuff?

Me too.

We offer the following FREE to all retailers that carry our products.


Free Product Support Videos

…beautifully and professionally crafted videos for use on your website and in-house monitors.

We’ll email you our free video package to plug into your rolling displays on your in-house monitors, and host the YouTube links directly on your own website. You can host the promotional video below on your site right now!

Free Replacement Parts

…for you and your customers.

Did a loyal customer return because their dice set failed our stringent QC and is missing a d20?

No sweat!

You swap their set for a fresh one off your shelf, contact us to let us know about the d20, and we’ll send it to you directly at our cost. Pop the new d20 in the original set’s case, and put it back on the shelf as brand new for sale. It’s that easy!

If your customer contacts us first, we’ll do the same for them; and you’ll never even need to be involved. Either way, they return to YOU for their next purchase.


Trend-Setting Product Packaging

Our every product is not only labeled for attractive sale, but also comes pre-barcoded for you.

Yes, every single Halfsies Dice case that you order from us comes with a unique barcode sticker already on it. We’ve heard you.

Noticed other big-name companies barcoding their cases as of late?  You’re welcome.
Expect similar retailer-biased, trend-setting behavior from Gate Keeper Games.

Product Catalogues

Easy to read with accurate pictures and clearly listed pricing, so you’ll know exactly what your customers are looking for, how to order it, and how much it’ll cost without having to wade through your distributor’s interface to get pricing.

Pick it over, pick your faves, and place your order with your choice of distributor…


Choice of Distributor

We’ve made sure our products are available from every reliable distributor in the known world. They are your favorite, so that makes them our favorite too. If yours doesn’t carry our products, let us know, we’ll fix that.

Contact us here to request your FREE SUPPORT PACKAGE now. (There’s no catch.)

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