The King’s Armory Backstory
Fantasy-Tower-Pleasant-1200x1000In the years past a wise king ruled the all the local lands from the safety of his castle.  Though enemy hordes would attempt to ravage the land, his armies were second to none and could drive the monsters back to the dark forests from whence they came, though with many a casualty.

In swordgolem4time, the good king passed away and his eccentric son took the throne.  This young man decided it would be better to create a super armory to defend the kingdom instead of calling in armies and loosing the lives of many.  Thus the Armory was born.

Now with the Foes on the horizon again, the good king has called the epic Heroes of the Kingdom to defend the realm until the Armory can complete its mega-weapon.

The Heroes have been called, and this battle is going to be intense, epic, and fun!

It’s up to you to lead the Heroes to victory!


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