These are items that provide unique bonuses and enhancements to Allies.

Certain pieces of equipment provide additional bonuses if donned by specific characters; for instance, the Elven Bow grants particular advantages to Ember the Ranger. Players choose together who should receive any purchased piece of Equipment.
Each new Hero brings two new pieces of equipment to the game.





A unique class of assistance that can include events, mass damage, and other game-changers. Some examples include Comet Strike, a powerful Area-of-Effect strike; and Griffon Corps Assistance, which instantly removes 3 injured foes from the board.

Each new Hero brings a new specialized Reinforcement Card to the game.
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Armory Cards

Armory Card Dwarven ArtilleryNow, these are what the game revolves around.

The legendary Armory Cards!

They are the bombastic King’s latest and greatest masterpieces. They have the potential to obliterate one side or the other. The team of Heroes –if they plan ahead- can save enough gold to use the King’s latest invention to decimate the bad guys!

Some examples include: Dwarven Artillery, which hurls piles of… well… Dwarves! onto the battle field causing immense damage to huge areas of the board; the Tornado Channeler, which rips select monsters clear off the board, instantly defeating them, and can even be used to instakill bosses; and our team’s favorite: The Sword Golem (!), who marches down the one-way path in the opposite direction ginsu-ing every foe in its way!
Only one Armory Card is used per game, so each one has a thorough description of its use and effects right on the card.


Reward Cards
The goods used to purchase Hireables, Equipment, Reinforcements, and the Awesome Armory Card.

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