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The man, the legend, the master archer, …the original “Hood”…

Robin Hood 1800x


Where Robin goes, the Sheriff of Nottingham will chase in bitter hatred.

Sheriff of NottinghamThe Sheriff on Nottingham is as fast as he is cowardly, and always arrives with his posse of 3 Ettins, that he keeps on tight chain leashes; one in front, one behind, and one on to the side.
So long as the Sheriff lives, the Ettins cannot be tanked and move at his immense Movement Rate, all on his Movement phase; always with one in front, one behind, and one on the side.

If the Sheriff dies first, the Ettins behave as they normally would.
If Ettins all die before the Sheriff does, his movement rate is halved as he tries to sneak by as if you won’t see him.

A real challenge for the greatest of players.


You’re going to need some fantastical help!
FOUR, ALL NEW, Reinforcement Cards, each with a brand spanking new and completely unique bonus.

The loyal servant of men, and the relentless ladies man.

Puss and Prince 2(Click to read the descriptions.)


The Bad Bard, and the Good Guys.

Pied and Muskers 2

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The man in the iron mask… er, no… wait… dah! …Iron John!

Iron John AC3

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