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Objective & Game Play
(see our Game Play Manual our our Game Play Video for more information)

Game Flow:
At the start of each a Wave, a certain number of monsters will pour onto the map, marching along the player-built path, according to their predetermined route preference.  If left unchecked they will proceed turn by turn toward the Castle exit, and will eventually break into the King’s Armory.  If they are successful, they will activate whatever weapon the King is working on, and use it to destroy King, Castle, and Country.

This is where you come in.

Playing as one of the main Heroes (usually 1 per player), you will work together with other players to develop a strategy for stopping the foes.  Strategy primarily entails (a) building towers at player-chosen points along the path’s edge, and (b) recruiting “Hireables” to occupy them.  Your goal is to build a balanced and well-distributed army, using your Heroes’ complementary strengths and compensating for any needs with appropriate Hireables, equipment, and reinforcements (described below). This presents a sufficient challenge, as there are several unique monsters and bosses, generated at a balanced but unpredictable quantity/variety with a dice roll and Foes Chart.

The game is arranged into “Waves”, “Rounds” and “Turns.” Each wave, Foes enter the board. Then, Foes and Allies (Heroes and Hireables) take turns moving and dealing damage, in alternating Rounds. A wave ends when all of the Foes (or, if it is a game loss, all of the Heroes) are eliminated. Between waves, earned gold is spent to prepare for the next wave (see “Development & Resources”).  Waves increase in difficulty until the final wave, when the Boss enters the board.

Development & Resources:
As the game progresses, you will earn income in the form of gold from the Reward Card Deck.  You will use this gold to enhance your defensive structure.  Options for gold expenditures include, but are not limited to:

Building Towers:
This enables you to have new defensive points along the board.  Each tower can host up to 3 Hireables. Each Hireable must remain in proximity to his/her assigned tower, which is accomplished in his original placement or mid-wave reassignment (within his range of his movement).  Heroes do not need to be assigned to a Tower.

Hiring & Upgrading Recruits:

  • Foot Soldiers – tank (stop) the monsters from moving and deal melee damage.
  • Archers – deal small amounts of damage but a long range and are able to hit flying creatures.
  • Sorcerers – light monsters on fire to do continuous damage, or freeze them to slow them down.
  • Psionicists – tank flying creatures with their mind-control and enable Heroes to have re-rolls (!) with their reality-manipulation powers.
  • Clerics – heal allies or increase their defenses.

All 5 Hireable types are fully upgradeable: 3 levels each; each upgrade (signified by bringing a replacement game-piece with a new image onto the board) grants them better stats and access to their higher level powers!

Buying Equipment:
You may also upgrade your Heroes (from EPIC to … EPIC-ER!) by means of equipping them with gear from Equipment Deck!  Each piece of Equipment grants a unique and powerful bonus.  Every Hero may wear up to 2 pieces of unlocked Equipment at a time, but may always own more and swap them out between Waves.
Varying equipment allows a Hero’s upgrades to be unique and different each and every game.

Calling for Reinforcements:
To aid in this defensive venture, you may enlist Reinforcement Cards to provide a unique,  extremely powerful bit of help. Strategic players will assess when a Reinforcement should be saved and when it should be used.
Some examples include: Area of Effect damage; Monster Instakills; gold bonuses; and on and on.  No two cards in the Reinforcement deck are the same.

Building the Special Armory Weapon:
Finally, if, and it’s a big ‘if’, you raise enough gold to finance the creation of the special Armory Weapon before the enemies get to it, you may use it against them.  These unique and over-powered items & events cause utter havoc to the playing field, destroying large numbers of foes with it.  Once the unique Armory Card is used, the King will immediately begin work on the next one!

End Game:

The game is not over until 1 of 3 conditions are met:

1) You have defeated every enemy of every Wave, including the Boss monster and all his minions, with at least 1 Hit Point remaining on the castle gate. – Resulting in Victory.

2) The foes have overcome the Heroes, defeating all of them in a single Wave – Resulting in Defeat.

3) The foes have reduced the Castle Gate to zero Hit Points, thus breaking into the Armory and immediately activating the Armory Weapon against king and castle. – Resulting in Defeat.

How the game plays out, and how it ends will be vastly different each time.
How will you go about playing it?

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