The Hireables

Check out these well-trained assets for your team of Allies!
Each class of Hireable can be upgraded by leveling them up mid-game, this results in 15 possible Hireables/level during the course of a game.  …and you won’t survive without them!

Each Hireable Token (50+) has a unique character name on it; so you’re sure to find a relative or friend to give honorary credit to during the fray.  This adds an additional fun personal feeling to the role playing feel of the game.
See the Encyclopedia Tkannica for an explanation of terms you don’t recognize.

Foot Soldier
Foot Soldiers specialize in defense, specifically by tanking and in dealing melee damage.

Level II bonuses
Hitroll doubles (+2)
Damage (+1)
Damage Reduction (+1 each in Melee and Supernatural)
+Crit # (increased % chance to make a critical hit)
+Tank # (how many foes he can Tank each round)

Level III Bonuses
Hitroll doubles again (+4)
Damage (+1)
Damage Reduction (+1 in Ranged)
+Tank #
Critical hit now inflicts Bleeding damage.


Archers specialize in dealing ranged damage with high reliability, as well as swift movement.
archer 5

 Level II Bonuses
Hitroll (+3)
Dodge (+1)
Range (+1)
Move Rate (+1)
+Crit #
Critical hits now inflicts Bleeding damage.

Level III Bonuses
All of the above stats increase again, giving her range and hitroll that rivals Ember’s!



Sorcerers inflict supernatural damage at range and are more likely to make highly damaging critical hits.
sorcerer 3

Level II Bonuses
Supernatural Damage Reduction (+1)
Actions per turn (+1)
Critical hit slows target by -2.

Level III Bonuses
Ranged Damage Reduction (+1)
Actions per turn (+1)
Critical hit now has an even greater Area of Effect.

Attacks vary as the Sorcerer levels up:

Level I: Fire Bolt – Can light a foe on fire.
Level II: Ice Bolt – Can freeze a foe, slowing them down.
Level III: Fire Ball – Hits an entire area of effect, with a huge chance of lighting them ALL on fire!

Clerics provide healing and fortify other characters’ abilities.

Level II Bonuses
Actions per turn (+1)
Healing Range (+2)
Bless Ally: instead of Level I’s ability to heal an Ally by 1 hit point; this ability gives a +1 Damage Reduction to target ally.

Level III Bonuses
Actions per turn (+1)
Healing Range (+2)
Healing Aura: She heals ALL allies that surround her!



Psions specialize in tanking from a distance, teleportation of foes, and manipulating time.

Psionicist Level 2 1000xSpecial Actions:
Level I – Mind Cage – Can tank flying foes.
Level II – Teleport Foe – Target foe moves back up to 3 spaces.
Level III – Time Rift – Ally can re-roll any roll once!

Level II Bonuses:
Tank # (+1)
Actions (+1)

Level III Bonus:
Actions (+1)

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