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Thanks to two amazing gaming buddies, Daniel Parson and Schmarky, we now have two unique and publicly available Map Editors!

#1) In-Browser Map Editor, by Daniel Parson

To use the Map Editor by Daniel Parson, click the link below, and follow the very simple instructions at the top.  This editor works right in your browser.
To export your map to a downloadable .PNG image, click the auto generated link at the bottom of the page.  (See bottom of page for tips if you’re having trouble.)

Both map editors currently use an early art set for terrain, but are still fun and valuable for quick map idea generation. Enjoy!

Map Editor 1.0

(This editor is best viewed at standard 100% browser zoom, and also works on mobile devices.)

A few great maps I have tossed together with it.

Long Wiggle Map

Wiggle Map







Intersection Map

(Map Expansion Pack required)Intersection Map







Two Entrance Map

(All required items included in the base game)2 Entrance Map








Underground Path Map

(All items required available in the Special Edition)Undergound Map







Trouble shooting odd saves…

If your image is saving as an “MS-DOS” application, add the “.png” as you save it.
Save guide




#2) Downloadable Map Editor, by Schmarky.

This software is called bgMapEditor, and is freeware/open source.  Schmarky has taken the time to pre-install our map tiles and borders.

To use it, download the zipped file here.


Then simply unzip it and get to work!
Upon unzipping you’ll find a fairly simple “How To” image that gives a simple picture based instruction on how to use it.

Once you get started, it’s a very fast map builder that you can keep right on your desk/laptop for a speedy pre-design moment before your friends show up.

Two quick maps I whipped up with it.

Thin map with balanced difficulty.

bg Thin map 1






A new 4-way map.

(Map Expansion Pack required)bg 4 Way Map 1







Feel free to submit your maps to us at Keeper of the Gate Games [at] gmail [dot] com.
Unique ones will be uploaded here and/or on BGG for all to see.

Have fun!

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