Meet the Heroes

 The Core 7 Heroes!


Valcor: The Warrior

melee       *       defense       *      authority       *      chivalryWarrior Final Edit


  • Weapons: Mace & Shield.
  • Can take a beating – Max 20 Hit Points.
  • Can Tank extra foes with his Personal Phalanx skill.
  • Willingly takes damage meant for an adjacent comrade with his Guard Ally ability.



Valcor’s Hero Stat Card (click to enlarge)

Cropped H Valcor2



Midnight: The Sorceress

supernatural       *       damage output       *       area of effect       *       mystery



  • Weapon: Energy.
  • High damage.
  • Her Flame Thrower and Ball Lightning attacks deal AOE damage.
  • Energy Shield makes her immune to all Ranged and Supernatural attacks, allowing her to Tank certain Monsters with no fear; in exchange her damage output becomes nil.


 Midnight’s Hero Stat Card (click to enlarge)

Cropped H Midnight2


Ember: The Ranger

ranged       *       speed       *       area of effect       *       wolf

Ranger Square


  • Weapons: Bow and arrow; Fáelán the Wolf.
  • Has the most Actions of any hero.
  • Can target multiple enemies at once using Volley of Arrows.
  • Her wolf can hamstring a Monster by biting it in the leg, slowing its movement.



Ember’s Hero Stat Card (click to enlarge)

Cropped H Ember2


Boleslaw: The Mage

(pronounced: Bō-leh-slahv)

supernatural       *       auto-hit       *       cooperative support       *       teleportation



  • Weapon: Magic & Wisdom.
  • Magic Bolt never misses. Ever.
  • Enchant Weapon adds Supernatural Damage to an Ally’s attack.
  • Slow Target gives an ally the opportunity to kill an otherwise un-catchable enemy like the Goblin Spy.
  • Gravity well, brings flying creatures to the ground so they can be beaten on by melee fighters.
  • Too old to walk quickly, he instead Teleports from Tower to Tower.

Boleslaw’s Hero Stat Card (click to enlarge)

Cropped H Boleslaw2




Raphael: The Master Psion

supernatural       *       instakill       *       strategy advantage       *       system breaker

Psion SquareSpecialties

  • Weapon: Psionic Force.
  • Mind Blast can Stun Foes with great efficacy.
  • Disintegrate can Instakill an enemy, regardless of Hit Point remaining.
  • Raphael uses Foresight to give the team a strategic advantage by letting them know which enemies will come in the next Wave.
  • Allies love Raphael’s Teleport Ally ability- an incredibly powerful tool when time is of the essence.


Raphael’s Hero Stat Card (click to enlarge)

Cropped H Raphael2

Felicity: The Master Healer

supernatural       *       healing       *       defense       *       cooperative support

xHealer8 Final-sqSpecialties

  • Weapon: Healing.
  • Felicity loves to spread Blessings, with her Mantle of Light, which increases all 3 Damage Resistance types of any Ally by +1 each.
  • Her Saintly Healing Heals 1 Hit Point of health to any wounded Ally.
  • If she needs to divert the attention of a Foe from her comrade, she can stand in the gap and Summon her Guardian.  He can Tank, take a fierce beating, and can be re-summoned every Wave.
  • Ok fine.  Her weapon is Staff that fires shards of Crystal.  It has a x3 Crit Mod, and she’s not afraid to use it.


Felicity’s Hero Stat Card (click to enlarge)

Cropped H Felicity2

Cyrus: The Psionic Warrior

melee       *      dual-wield        *       psionic healing       *       griffon


  • Weapons: Dual Wielding Katana & Sai.
  • Cyrus’ psychometabolic Psionic Powers enhance all of his skills.
  • With Muscle Control, he increases his Damage output (+1), accuracy (+1 Hitroll), and potential for critically wounding a Foe (+1 Crit Range).
  • Dual-wielding is a Cyrus signature; Cyrus deals damage twice on every successful hit.
  • His Bio-Manipulating Psionics also serve to heal his comrades.
  • Oh, and he has a griffon. That’s just awesome.  (Effective through Reinforcement Cards.)

Cyrus’s Hero Stat Card (click to enlarge)

Cropped H Cyrus 2l

The Expansion Heroes!


Asphar: The Barbarian

melee       *       supernatural       *       high damage output       *       deep backstory

Asphar Final4Special Edition” Bonus Hero!


  • Weapon: A 6ft serrated Scimitar that he can shift into supernatural ice.
  • Highest Hitroll and Damage of any Hero.
  • Deals Melee Damage at Range 2.
  • Can deal supernatural damage with his Scimitar when he turns the Blade into Ice, thus hacking through melee-resistant foes.
  • A man who once decided he’d be willing to Grapple with anything, he can pick up Foes and carry them!
  • He uses Constrict when he has Grappled a foe to automatically deal 4 melee damage. No Hitroll required.

Apshar’s Hero Stat Card (click to enlarge)

Cropped H E Asphar2


Zoe: The Ninja

melee vs. flyers       *       tanking flyers      *       severity       *      evasion      *      speed

Zoe’s Hero Stat Card (click to enlarge)

Cropped H E Zoe2

Artaxerxes: The Jester

cheating       *       bonus actions       *       triple crits       *      chaos      *      cheating again

Artaxerxes’s Hero Stat Card (click to enlarge)

Cropped H Artaxerxes2

Rhette: The Pirate

stealing       *       poison       *       non-resistible damage       *      sword & gun      *      parrot

Rhette’s Hero Stat Card (click to enlarge)

Cropped H E Rhette2

The Guest Heroes

Eligor: The Avenger

vengeance       *       counter-attack       *       high damage       *      mobility      *      Level 99

(Level 99 Games Bonus Hero) 

Special Edition” Bonus Hero!

Cropped H E Eligor2

Alexian: The War King

melee       *       chivalry       *       knockback       *      royalty      *      Level 99

(Level 99 Games Bonus Hero)

Alexian’s Hero Stat Card (click to enlarge)

Cropped H E Alexian2

Robin Hood: The Sharpshooter

range       *       accuracy       *       reward upgrades       *      primary attacks      *      Artistic Justice

(Artistic Justice Games Bonus Hero)

Cropped H E Robin Hood2


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