Halfsies Dice World Tour

World Tour Logo Long 1

“What started as a promotional event,
turned into a life-changing
worldwide-collaboration of dice and friendship.”

7 continents
23 countries
24 national landmarks
47 volunteer gamer-photographers
50 unique sets at 50 unique locations
1 unified world full of gamers!

Enjoy the photography
and consider joining the tour by sending in your own pics.

Robinhood Final
Shire Dice Final
Yin Yang Final Caribbean Tide Final Evergreen Dice Final Frozen Tundra Final Gamma Dice FinalSt Valentine's Final

King's Dice Final Latte Dice Final Magma Dice Final Moonlight Sonata Final Nami Ura Final Psionic Combat Final Queen's Dice Final

You are welcome to share any of the images that move you from the world tour.
All rights belong to Gate Keeper Games, photographer credit is listed on each photo.

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