Our first post with an all-caps title.

This is a big deal. I seriously spent a couple of days and had many conversations trying to figure out how to reduce international shipping costs. With the right kind of number-crunching and healthy dose of divine inspiration (if I could take credit for this…then I would have figured it out sooner!…for now I can assume that this timing is for the best), I was able to ascertain that if we get enough backers (period), then we have enough international backers (based on probability) to accomplish the whole bulk-shipping-to-international-Amazon-carriers method…and make…shipping…free!

I am so very excited. I really hope everybody else is, too. (I hope all of the people who checked it out before will check it out again!) We had interest from several gamers who said they would have pledged if it weren’t for the shipping cost. I can’t wait to contact them with the news!

Speaking of…off to figure out a bit more about how to follow the best protocol when spreading the news. 🙂