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Product Catalog

Easy to read with accurate pictures, clearly listed pricing, and standardized SKUs, so you’ll know exactly what your customers are looking for, how to order it, and how much it’ll cost.

Download our Retail Catalog here and place your order with your choice of distributor worldwide.

We offer the following

to all retailers that carry our products…

Free Product Support Videos

…beautifully and professionally crafted videos for use on your website and in-house monitors.

Our dice video packages are available free to plug into your rolling displays on your in-house monitors, or host the YouTube links directly on your own website.

You can use these as you please.  Overlay your store logo, your in-store specials, mute or replace the music, and even re-host them on your own youtube channel.

Take a look at the full video below.
You can host this in full, or in parts.  Download the promo video package now.



Free Replacement Parts

…for you and your customers.

Did a loyal customer return because their set has a d12 with too much paint on it, or is missing a d8?

We have strict quality control but when you make this many dice, things happen.  And we’ll fix all of it so you look good.

Whether they, or you, contact us first, we’ll send out a replacement die, for free anywhere in the USA.  It’s that easy!

Thus, they return to YOU for their next purchase.

Trend-Setting Product Packaging

Attractive – Our every product is labeled for attractive sale with full color inserts and attractive dice set name-logos, like “Superdice” or “Joker Dice“; stuff your customers can get behind …with gusto!  A little something we invented for fun, that also works out really well for you and your customers.  There’s even dice trivia on the reverse side of the inserts.  They’re collectible!

Convenient – EVERY dice case comes pre-barcoded for you.  A little something we do because we believe your employees have better things to do with your payroll than put stickers on products that should already have stickers.
If you’ve noticed other companies starting to also barcode their cases as of late…  you’re welcome.  ; ) We started that too.

Durable – Our cases may look the same, but they’re not.  They don’t crack or chip!

Expect more retailer-friendly, trend-setting behavior from Gate Keeper Games in the future.

Choice of Distributor – Worldwide

We’ve made sure our products are available from every most every reliable distributor in the known world. They are your favorite, so that makes them our favorite too. If yours doesn’t carry our products, let us know, we’ll fix that.

Bulk Dice – Direct from GKG only…

Our beautiful Halfsies Dice are now available for retailers in bulk quantities for individual sale.  MSRP $2 each.

You can order any quantity of any individual die we sell, starting at 50% off.  The more you order the more you save.  Most popular “a set of everything”.

Time for a new $2 bulk dice bin! 

ONLY available direct from GKG.
Contact us here to place your order.

Halfsies Style Dice Bags – Direct from GKG only…

Now featuring a multitude of Halfsies-Style dice bags for retail sale.  MSRP $6-10 each.
As well as our extra-durable dice cases.  MSRP $2.

Order any quantity of any bag we sell, starting at 50% off.  The more you order the more you save.

Dice bags are only getting more popular at retail!

ONLY available direct from GKG.
Contact us here to place your order.