Social Media

Alright, alright…I confess – I’m not the biggest fan of social media. I LOVE people, don’t get me wrong; I just never got into the social media thing.

I love board games, I love ideas – receiving, sharing, thinking them (in no particular order!). I love inventing things, and I love making invented things better. I really, really, really love making other people’s lives better. My modus operandi from youth has been to try to make others’ days brighter, usually by making them laugh. Running an RPG for over a decade is another one of my favorite ways to entertain friends (and make new friends!) I also love business management.

So, of course I created something. Of course it’s a board game (creative and fun: makes people’s lives better; ready to be marketed: great project for a business-management-number-cruncher). And here I am, in the internet networking milieu. I don’t have anything against it; it’s just not my strong point. And what’s worse: a lot of it has to be self-promoting. Nobody likes doing self-promotion! Fortunately, I really believe this is a GREAT project, so I can sincerely promote it, but yeah…it gets sticky sometimes, you know?

I’m letting you know. I, like Rapunzel to Flynn Rider, am choosing to trust you, for better or for worse.


What are your thoughts?

(photo credit:×1050)