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Rahdo RT“This game completely supports scaling [drop in, drop out] mid game… That is awesome! Why doesn’t every game do that!?”
“The amount of variety this game provides… I mean… it’s second to none.”
“The King’s Armory, really really great, I just can’t rave about it enough!

~Rhado Runs Through
View the video review here.

Listed on Rahdo’s “Must Buy” list, on Podcast Episode #3; Timestamp: 48:46.

“This has been a heck of a lot of fun for my group and I to play.”
“It’s a really really good game.”
“This game is a winner.  I can’t speak highly enough about it.”
~Undead Viking
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BGBMy honest opinion… …I really think it’s a good game…”
“It works with any number of players; solo, 5; 7…
“The characters are all really different.”
“[It] moves very quickly.”
“The only bad thing about the game: I only had a prototype!
~Board Game Brawl
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Castle Kon 2.0

“I would definitely rate this as close to a 10, if not a 10, as possible.”
“This is one of my favorite games, if not my most favorite game.”
“There’s a lot of variability, and so much you can do with this game.  It’s like a different game every time.  I love it!”
~Castle Kon
View the multi-part video review here.

Ironhide-Title-ImageWe are very happy to know you’re making a tower defense board game! And we are honored to have you inspired with Kingdom Rush : )
~Ironhide Game Studio – makers of TD legend: “Kingdom Rush”

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Played it! Loved it!
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GeekDad2I [gave] it a shot at GenCon… What really intrigued me was the list of key features: 1 to 7 players, variable game length, and –most interesting– the ability to have players drop it and out as needed.”
~Geek Dad

Crazy Eights an 8 Question Q&A with Gaming Trend.

CCN SunriseJohn Wrot! interviewed live on the morning news show CCN Sunrise.
Video segment here.

A Gateway Gamer Runs Through – A Sit Down with Barry Reynolds.
Full video interview focusing on the backstory of Gate Keeper Games and The King’s Armory.

 Playtester Comments

“Played the Print and Play… Really fun tower defense board game… 9.5”
~Herb L. – blind playtester

“…[the] very flexible way to fit the rules to the preferred level of game difficulty gives The King’s Armory a lot of deep gameplay and replayability… 9.0”
~Jürgen B. – blind playtester

“We learned to play in less than 10 minutes… It’s amazing, it’s an awesome game!”
~Bryce S. – playtester

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